Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aprons on the Brain

I haven't been in a sewing mood for a little bit, but I have done a little bit of sewing and crafting in the past few months that I haven't yet included on this blog. For Christmas I decided I wanted to make some aprons for gifts. I am in dire need of a new apron myself so I thought I would try to find a good pattern and use it to make a gift and later (when I feel up to it) I can make one for myself. In fact, I am remembering now that I even made an apron (reversible half apron) for my new sister-in-law Lexi for her bridal shower back in October.

For Christmas, my siblings and I rotate who we give gifts to and this year I had my brother Joel and sister in law Abby and their two little boys. Knowing how much my own kids love baking with me, I thought it would be fun to give them a Mom and Me Cookbook and a little cooking set  as well as some pint sized aprons for the boys (they are 3 and 1 1/2). Well I ordered all the cooking gear and before I sat down to pull out my fabric bin to see if I had any decent boy fabric, I checked out Abby's sewing blog and low and behold I sat face to face with a picture of her little guy in a cute but manly apron. What?! (oh and by the way it is a free pattern/tutorial and it is awesome!) So I crossed that off my list, and got to work on some aprons for her and my brother.

For Abby's apron I used this free ruffle apron tutorial. I just used what I had and I used lots of pink and some Amy Butler because I know she is a fan of both. And there is some yummy Heather Bailey fabric in there too. I really liked how it turned out and I know she really liked it too.

I am not really into sewing for men. Both my husband and my brother are very manly men and I much prefer sewing frills. The very first pattern I bought way back when I first started sewing and I was a new mommy was a simple apron pattern. I made several of them. My husband  wanted me to make one for him but he insisted it had to be made of some real fabric - nothing too flimsy, so he helped me pick out some real tough duck cloth/canvas. The apron I made for him 5 years ago has held up very well and he doesn't hesitate to wear it when he is grilling. So I figured I had better go the same route with my brother. I remember the first apron my dad ever had. It was a blue and white check apron with the words "#1 Cook" on it. I have fond memories of my dad working in the kitchen wearing that apron. I thought it would be fun to find some blue and white check fabric and put those same words on Joel's apron and cross my fingers that he would remember my dad's apron as well. So his apron is pretty utilitarian, but I hope that he will get some wear out of it. I know he can be a mean cook when he wants to be - especially when it comes to meat.

I also decided to make an apron for another one of my sister-in-laws, Maren, (I have a lot of sister-in-laws) and this is where the pattern comes in. I searched etsy for some cute patterns and I only found about 50 that I wanted. There are some seriously cute aprons on etsy and I really really loved seeing all the vintage inspired ones. After some serious deliberation I bought the Pretty Ditty Apron. I loved everything about this pattern. It comes in different sizes including little girl sizes. There is the option to make it reversible and it is just plain cute! So I made a darling apron for  Maren and in the hustle and bustle of Christmas and trying to live in the moment, I of course forgot to take a picture before I wrapped it up and gave it away. I know Maren loves yellow and I picked out Heather Bailey's Hello Roses in Gold fabric for the main fabric. I love me some Heather Bailey.

And as I have been obsessing over aprons, my talented sister in law Abby came out with an apron pattern of her own!! It is an apron for Mommy and daughter. And can I just say it is DARLING! I am in love with the pockets and the sweetheart neckline and all of the ruffles. Cute, cute CUTE!

So by the end of this year I am hoping to have an apron for my almost 1 1/2 year old girl who keeps stealing her brother's and sister's aprons as well as a drawer full of cute aprons for myself. Because you can never have enough!