Monday, May 31, 2010

June Challenges

Seasonal: Father's day
Dad rocks plaque (a fun craft kids can help with. You don't have to actually make a plaque, but you could paint rocks/make a rock family or rock dad paper weight and have a card that says Dad Rocks)

Oragami shirt card
Retro labels to go on a gift he actually wants

Make it, wear it challenge at Sew Mama Sew
If you make an item of clothing this month and submit a photo of it to Sew Mama Sew's photo pool (follow link above for more details), you have the chance to win a new sewing machine. I've been wanting to make some skirts since my church attire is severely lacking, so here are a few skirt ideas:
5 minute skirt
Bohemian skirt
Jeans refashioned to skirt
Tiered (girls' or womens') skirt

Crocheted Amigurumi Critters
The first is not actually a tutorial, but it has pics of the other creatures you can make. Get the free patterns (and a lot of other free crochet patterns) from Lion Brand after signing up for their site.

Recipe recommendation: Flour Tortillas
Per Lisa Wheat Flour Tortillas
Per Celia A better (white) flour tortilla
(The second is an improvement on my old flour tortilla recipe that I used for 8 years. I combined mine with another recipe and the texture is much better than my original. I imagine you can use wheat flour, though I haven't tried it.)

*tip to making tortillas: if your dough is too elastic and keeps shrinking back in, cover it with a cloth and let it rest 5 min. Come back and try again.*


  1. Cel, I tried your flour tortillas last night and they were really yummy. I loved the taste and the texture. I think I still need a little practice though because they ended up being thicker than I thought, even though I rolled them pretty thin. Maybe I need to let them sit longer after I roll them out? They were more like chalupa style after I cooked them up. But we all loved them and Hubby said they were delicious and that is saying a me :) Thanks for the recipe! I will try the whole wheat one too once I grind some more wheat.

  2. Oh, Mar, I forgot to mention that I let it rest a few min. after I roll them out. That way when I peel them off the counter, you can stretch them a little by hand before putting them on the griddle.

    I actually tried Lisa's when tortillas last week. I thought the oil instead of shortening (while healthier) would make for a tough tortilla. I was wrong. It had good texture as long as I didn't roll it too thin. Matt thought the flavor was just "ok" but was a good change up from white tortillas.

  3. Okay, I tried the white tortillas again last night - I made fajitas. This time I didn't use any flour as I rolled them out and they turned out much better (not sure why I used it the first time around). Yay! I love this recipe Cel - great job! I use my kitchen aid so they are a cinch to whip up and I can let them sit while I defrost and cook up my meat and prepare all the other taco/fajita stuff. Thank you Thank you!