Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wheels Quilt Finished!

I just finished binding Dean's quilt tonight and what a relief! Now I can finally do something else! (I have a one big project at a time rule so I'll actually finish projects!)

So for the details. I used this tutorial from Heather Bailey Design and actually found it more helpful than the Crazy Mom Quilts one I originally linked with the quilt challenge. I did 2 1/2 in. strips of the width of the fabric and I needed almost exactly 1/2 a yard of fabric. I sewed it with the machine to the front and hand stitched the back. My binding skills have vastly improved from my first quilts I made you girls for your babies. Sorry about that. =)

I originally chose a blue for the binding, but when I brought it home, Matt suggested a dark green might look better. I'm so glad I went with his advice. He has a better eye for design and color than I do, so I went and bought this dark green fabric. I love how it looks.

I do have the material to make Walt a similar quilt with brown cars backing, but it will be awhile before I can psych myself up for it I think.

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  1. super cute! You are amazing to take on such big projects. My Mom just asked me to babysit her sewing machine while she's gone for the next 3 years and I'm so excited! now I won't have to deal with mine that skips stitches and numerous other weird and annoying things. Maybe I will start feeling up to doing big amazing projects like your quilt!