Saturday, May 1, 2010

May challenge TBA shortly (hopefully tomorrow)

Sorry folks, I have one boy with an eye and ear infection and another with the stomach flu. Anyone have ideas for May challenges? Requests or things you want to tackle this month?

Some ideas I have kicking around: a skirt for myself, the picnic table, a new recipe organizer, continue the photo books, activity ideas for toddlers (folder games and what not).

Any requests for types of recipes? I just got a new bread pan, so I was thinking something along the lines of Ezekiel Bread (I've been curious about it, but haven't ever made it. two variations are found here and here) or just a good ol' wheat bread. But I'm game for finding/posting whatever others are interested in.


  1. That all sounds good. I actually was just thinking today that I needed to find that link on LeAnne's blog because I have been wanting to do that recipe organizer. Celia, I swear we are inside each other's heads! Good luck with your boys. I hope they start feeling better soon!!

  2. I made one right after she posted it and didn't laminate it, so it's a total mess. Plus, there are recipes on there I don't use very often and recipes that I failed to put on it. I really like having it, though.

    They're feeling a bit better today. We still skipped church, though.

  3. Apt 90 Girls -

    Loving all your projects!!! Celia, I just stuck mine in a page protector. Then when I need to update it I can just toss the old one and stick the new one in it. I need to update mine too. If you want to get really ambitious, I am slowly working on this
    I love the concept, it is just a lot of work. It has paid off so far. I use google calendar and I just have the same 15 meals setup on a rotating basis. I of course don't always follow what is planned, but it has cut down on the 4:00 dread of 'what am I making for dinner?'

    Hope all you ladies are wonderful!