Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost made it!

I really wanted to have this completely finished by tonight, but the binding just wasn't happening for me. But I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. I was inspired by the figgy pudding quilt in design, but I wanted it a different size, so I just kind of made it up as I went along. This was definitely on the edge of my sewing capability! I used the basting technique from crazy mom quilts (she's blogging again! yippee!) did the straight line quilting from tallgrass prairie studio. The material is Riley Blake's Wheels collection and I bought it from The Dizzy Daizy. She shipped it super fast and it was all in perfect order.

After buying some totally over priced thread at my quilt shop, I looked online and bought way more of the same type of thread for way less at ConnectingThread. I took the other stuff back. I'm happy with the thread. It's even cheaper than the Coats and Clark you'd buy at Walmart if you buy in bulk (to offset shipping).

I thought that I would do the cross quilting, but I tell you what, I'm pleased with how it looks right now, and I don't want to spend any more time sewing straight lines! It wasn't hard, but it was way more time consuming than I expected. This quilt also took more fabric than I expected. (4 yards of the green, 2 yards of the blue cars, and 1/2 yard of the roadway, and less than 1/8 yard of the others.)

I used a 80/20 cotton heirloom batting from Hobby Lobby. I like the feel of it and it was easy to quilt. I bought a queen size and I'll be able to use it for both quilts (I'm making one very similar but with brown car backing for Walter. Eventually.).

The final size is 49 X 78. Larger than toddler size (~45X60), smaller than a twin comforter(~65X88). I'm hoping he'll be able to use it on a twin bed eventually, though.


  1. I love it Celia! WONDERFUL job! I really love that color of green. All the fabric is really cute. I think I actually have two of those very fabrics in my stash, but in red (the non-car ones) ha ha! I bet Dean LOVES It!

    so I have a few questions and I am sure I might have more once I get going. right now I have been debating on whether or not to presoak my batting. I also have an 80/20 blend. I kind of like the antique look so I am leaning toward not soaking it. Let me know what you think after you wash your quilt. Also, I like the way your quilting looks. Were you planing on going the other way too? Also, did you measure your lines, or are they "free hand" - the distance doesn't look equal between them (don't worry, I like it!). I kind of like the non-conformist look. You know me - the conforming non-conformist (ha ha!). Oh and I have been wondering if you mark the lines with tape before or after you baste. Maybe that is covered in the tut. i haven't read it thouroughly yet. and do you do it one line at a time, take the tape off then do another or do you mark your lines all at once. is that enough questions?!

  2. I used different widths of painter's tape like she suggested in the straight line quilting tutorial. More tomorrow. It's late! Nighty night.

  3. Awesome job! It's beautiful.......I mean handsome? :)

  4. THanks J.

    Mar, I had intended on quilting the opposite direction as well, but after a week of sewing the straight lines I'd had enough. Plus, I liked it as is. I'll let you know how it looks once it's washed. i didn't pre soak.