Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maren's Headbands

So I am finally posting my headbands from last month. I hadn't posted them yet because I still am in search for the perfect headband and I want to try a few different styles. However, I am not sure when I will get to it so for now here is what I have done.

The white/blue/brown/green one was made using this quick 10 minute headband tutorial.

The other two reversible ones were made from this tutorial. The black/red one is the narrow version and the pastel one is the wide version.

I had really wanted to wear them on days when I wear a ponytail, but I find that they tend to work better with my hair down (or in pigtails). I still have to bobby pin them behind my ear to help hold them in place. But still really cute and I like them. I am going to try doing some with jersy knit and leave long tails so I can tie them. I think those would fit really well. Can't wait to find some time to experiment more with that.

Anyways...Since it was headband month I decided it was time to make Lou some more headbands. So I whipped up a few. I know some people are morally opposed to HUGE floral headbands, but I love them. Every time I have Lou in one I get stopped in my tracks so people can ooh and awe and perfect strangers tell me how cute Lou looks in the headband. It has happened so many times that Hubby who is usually oblivious to anything crafty that I do has actually taken note - hey my wife made something cool! Maybe we can make some money off of this. ha ha! Anyways, I also love them because when I have Lou Lou in one of these headbands I don't have people calling her a "he" or asking me if she is a boy or girl (even when she is wearing pink!).

These are the big ones. The white one is my fav.

These are a bit smaller.

And I made one for Bella, but I think the headband is too small so I am going to take the flower off and put it on an aligator clip.


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