Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wooden Fridge

This is one of those projects that took me longer than I would have liked - only becaue I kept messing up. It has been done for awhile and the kids have been enjoying it.

What I learned - I am not that great of a painter. I am by no means a perfectionist and this project shows that. I got the cupboard at Michaels and painted it all white. Then I used painters tape to outline where I wanted the chalkboard to go, but after I sprayed the chalkboard paint and removed the tape, the tape had pulled off some of the white paint. So I decided to do the green outline around the chalkboard. Then because I was so excited to test out the chalkboard I let the kids use some sidewalk chalk. Pink sidewalk chalk. And despite my telling them to draw only on the chalkboard, there was pink chalk everywhere. I thought it would be easy to clean up. Wrong. It very easily came off the chalkboard but my nice white paint was tinted pink. So I did another coat of white and did some touchups. I wanted to add more detail, but at that point I was just ready to be done with the project.

So it is not perfect. Not even close. But, it serves the purpose and I saved beaucoup bucks. It is the perfect size and it goes very nicely with the rest of the Pottery Barn kitchen. And I have to say, I love the chalkboard feature. I went out and found some white chalk. Much better. I really would love to just do a whole wall in chalkboard paint. Just kidding. well, only partly;)

Now if I can just get Bella to keep her food inside the fridge and not scattered all over the floor!


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