Monday, March 1, 2010

March Challenges

Seasonal craft
Easter/spring day baskets and/or eggs: Tutorials and inspiration

Square basket
Bunny Basket
Another Bunny Basket
Patchwork basket
Fabric covered eggs

Self Craft
Reversible Head band

Child Craft

Embellished onsies for girls
Tie onesies or shirts for boys

Recipe Recommendation

Oatmeal Pancake Mix
This came from one of my favorite food blogs. I made this up this week for the first time and it was great. Makes pancakes a piece of cake...hehe...on a busy morning. I stored the mix in my fridge. It makes a lot, so I suggest if you're not sure you'll like them, cut the recipe in half. I do think they're better with buttermilk as opposed to the half yogurt/half milk combo. I tried it both ways. Since I always forget to buy buttermilk I did as she suggested and bought a large thing of buttermilk and am freezing it in one cup freezer cups.


  1. I think I'll try the oatmeal pancakes, yum! and I have been wanting to do those aprons you all did last month, so those will be my projects for this month. What are the rest of you up to?

  2. plus I'm making some nursing covers for a service auction next week and future baby showers, also more reversible skirts for either my eldests soon to be bday or Easter.

  3. I really love the pancake mix. Dean does too. Every time I've made it he asks for a second pancake, and he's not a big eater! I've never been big on pancakes, but I like this one.

    I'm also going to try and do the tie shirts for the boys for easter. I've made 2 fabric baskets and I'm trying to do some bunny baskets now. I also want to bust out a new blanket for Dean since he doesn't really have one that fits his bed. I have the material, I just have to figure out exactly what I want to do with it.

    I also want to make some montessori dressing frames. We'll see if that happens. OH, and I've started working on Dean's second year photo book and I want to get Walt's started so I can get all caught up and do it monthly.

  4. I do like digital scrapbooking for its simplicity and that you can do one book and push a button to duplicate that same book...which to me is just AMAZING! so I do a baby book for each of my kids from 0-1 year old and then they get a family scrapbook for every year after. That way I'm only making 2 books a year at most, but usually just one and printing a copy for us and each girl.

  5. I am planning on doing the bunny baskets. I wanted to do them last year, but it never happened. I am also excited to do some headbands. And I think I want to figure out some kind of Easter outfits for the kids so we will see if I get to that. I like the tie shirt idea. Celia it is funny you are working on a blanket for Dean. I am in the process of making one for P's bed! I have everything cut out for the quilt top and I just have to piece it together then do all the rest of the stuff. And you girls are motivating me to do some digital scrapbooking. Thanks for sharing the links to your favorite places.

  6. Oh, and one more thing, Jess. On the aprons, I'd do the same sort of tie construction as the tool belt. I HATE turning long pieces with tiny holes. I'd much rather just do the fold into the middle and then fold over again method. Plus it makes it sturdier.

    Maren, what kind of piece work is the quilt? I'm struggling trying to figure out how to put Dean's together. He wants his new blanket so badly he keeps taking the fabric and laying it on his bed! =)

  7. Cel, I did a stacked coin quilt. I got the instructions from the book called Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. If you are interested you can google stacked coin quilt tutorial and there are lots out there. I have wanted to make P a quilt for his bed for a couple of years and I have struggled and struggled with what to do. I finished piecing the front today and am happy with how it turned out. And P loves it. Now I just have to do the back, quilting, and binding. I also fell in love with this circle quilt which is perfect for a boy. She is my sister in law's sister in law (ha!) I'm not sure if it is pieced together or appliqued - it looks appliqued. she did do a tut on her blog for piecing. anyways, good luck. you will have to share the finished product! (Isn't it fun when they get excited about what we can make for them - i love it!)(sorry, i'm totally long-winded)

  8. Maren's comment made me remember a stacked coin quilt I had bookmarked:
    So pretty. I would love to do more quilting.
    p.s. I have been wanting to post some stuff for a while...I'm still here!

  9. I actually made that stacked coin quilt last year Lis. =) Well, kind of. I stacked all the rows and then decided to do something slightly different with them since Matt said the fabrics I'd chosen looked extra grandma-y eclectic. I'll have to post a picture.

    I think I'll probably end up just doing a simple strip quilt. Maybe a brick pattern. Not sure.

  10. Mar, I don't know if you're planning on quilting, tying or having someone else quilt it, but I came across this tutorial for straight line quilting and I think I'll probably use this method. I don't want to pay someone $50 to quilt for me (nor do I want to tie these quilts)...

  11. I made the pancake mix, but I used all whole grain (some soy flour, barley, wheat, brown rice). They were delicious, but the proportions weren't quite right (I had to add less milk). I love being able to grind other grains with my wheat grinder. Barley and rice especially add nice flavor. I think I've decided I don't like the soy so much, though.

    My other goal: Headbands. I just got my hair cut shorter, so these will be great.

  12. Awesome Lis. I'll totally have to try the barley and rice now that I have a grinder. We put some pumpkin, cinnamon, and walnuts in the pancakes today (with a little less milk) and it turned out really nicely. Matt and I both really liked the walnuts in it. I also found that when the mix was "fresh" it was thinner than after it had been refrigerated. Don't know why that would be. I think this mix will always be a staple in my fridge.

  13. Celia, Thanks for the link to the straight line quilting. I was planning on quilting it on my machine and that looks like a great tutorial.

    Also, I busted out my wheat grinder and tried the pancakes! they were pretty good. I like the nutty taste. My true test is if Hubby likes them. He is a VERY finicky eater. i would love to try your pumpkin version. It sounds so good.