Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maren's Bunny Baskets

I'm finally finished with my bunny baskets. I used this scrap fabric basket tutorial for the construction. I wanted it to be bigger though so I made it bigger. I figured out how big to cut my main squares and then how big to cut the corners. It is really simple to figure out how big you want to make it. I wanted my basket to be 7" so I multiplied that by three (bottom and two sides x the desired length/height - 7" in this case). So I cut a 21" square and cut my corner squares 6 1/2". Anyways, not that I needed to explain all that, but it took me a couple of minutes to figure it out so I thought I would share.

I also opted for long floppy ears to tie up to be used as the handles. I saw that idea last year and LOVED it so I thought I would give it a whirl. Unfortunately I bookmarked it on my old computer and can not find it anywhere online.

Things I would do differently. One. My interfacing is not nearly as stiff as I would like it to be. I tried to find just the right thickness but could not find it at my JoAnns. I should have done two layers of the interfacing for this size. Two. Try linen. I LOVE the look of linen and am starting to look for it in the remnant section every time I am at the fabric store. I would have loved to have done some in gray too.

Now for headbands!!!



  1. Cutie cute! I love the ear idea. I'm done with one of mine but have to finish the second. I used the same basket, but kept it small. I liked the small size since my boys are still little. Then I don't have to put as much stuff in. =)

  2. Oh, and I used the pellon fusible fleece for the batting. It worked well for the small size, though I'm not sure if it would for the larger.

  3. Cel, I almost wish I had made mine smaller, but I'm planning on doing dolls for the girls this year so I wanted them to be big enough to do stuff like that(dolls, coloring books etc). I saw the fusible fleece, but thought it would be too bulky, but it probably would have been just fine. I have actually used it before in a bag. I think the bigger you make the basket the harder it is to get it just right. I can't wait to see yours!!!