Sunday, March 28, 2010

April requests?

April is fast approaching girls. Any requests for the challenges?

Quiet books? Quilts? Something with wood? Dinner, breakfast or side dish?


  1. Is it April already?!! I am still trying to finish Easter stuff and my headbands! I can't believe how fast March has gone by. I am happy with anything this month. I have a ton of unfinished projects I would love to get my hands back onto - namely a quilt, a wooden dollhouse and furniture, and some refashioning. Let me know if you want some links for anything specific, I have some good ones for refashioning and if anyone is interested in doing wooden peg people or dollhouse I could get some info for that as well as some links for quilts. Let me know. I'm not sure about anything seasonal, but it is Mother's day next month and it might be fun to do some bath/beauty products (homemade lipgloss, scrubs, lotions, masks, bath fizz/salts etc...) just ideas, we don't have to do any of those things if there isn't interest, I just know that those are some things that I would like to work on this month. I think you have a wealth of good recipe ideas, It might be fun to include a recipe for resurection rolls for Easter. Have you heard of those? sorry I am so long winded...just thinking out loud again.

  2. What is refashioning? Meaning turn one piece of clothing into another?

    Do you have a link for Resurrection rolls?

    Some of my goals include finishing piecing, quilting and binding Dean's quilt. I also really, really want to make this child's picnic table. I also want to make some montessori dressing frames and if that picnic table goes well, I may try my hand at some other wood projects from that site. She has tons of free plans that I swear even I could make.

    Also, I think I'm going to start a pre-school co-op in the fall, so I'm going to start putting things together for that. And maybe some FHE kits as well. Just some other ideas.

    Oh, and since I'm bathering on, I am going to make some cloth wipes I think. Too bad I don't have a serger to make quick work of it.

    Any of these sound appealing?

  3. Here is a link for resurrection rolls (, I am not sure how to create a link in a comment. Basically it is a roll that represents the resurrection. You put a marshmallow in the center and after you bake it you open the roll and it is empty (empty tomb). It is a fun one to do with the kids.

    Yes, refashioning is taking clothes that you don't like or wear and turning them into another article of clothing. there are tons of ideas out there. A lot of them are making mens shirts into dresses for little girls or skirts. t-shirts being made into dresses, and skirts for little gilrs or pants, t-shirts for little boys, i even have a fun link for turning cute character shirts that your little boy grows out of into underwear for him. also taking something you don't really like and embelishing it or changing it so that it is something that you love. really the possibilities are endless. I have stopped throwing clothes away and have started looking at my old clothes in a new light. I turned one of my skirts into a dress for M and she loves it. I will have to post it when I get a chance.

    That wood project site looks awesome and I am totally impressed. I would love to see what you come up with and how easy or hard you think it is. I am kind of a wimp when it comes to power tools and I know hubby doesn't have the kind of time to help me with projects. Also would love to see your preschool stuff too. I have been thinking about making some file folder games and stuff like that to entertain the kids at church or in the car.

    I also wish I had a serger! sometimes i use my zig zag stitch but it really just isn't the same.

  4. We made those rolls last year and will be doing it again this year, there is another recipe out there thst my Mom did growing up a few times, but we never really liked them much.

    I'm half way through my last spring dress (luckily I do have a serger, and I agree that they are wonderful machines!) I'm not very impressed with my sewing machine (I bought very cheap end when we got married) and would love to know what you guys have and if you like them. Anyway, I'm making matching dresses for my girls, hopefully we all like them when they're finished. I'll post picts of them in a few days and also the nursing covers I made and the final result of my cleaning belts. I'm not sure what I want to do for next month, but it might be getting our 2009 digital picture book together and our family movies too? Really I'm just not sure. The picnic bench sounds cool and I'm excited to see how it turns out for you, maybe I'll get into wood too...sometime. Oh! I know what I need to do, its to finally make some curtains for my house. Every window I have is barren b/c I'm so noncommittal and struggle to decide on something that I'm not sure I'll like or not.

    I was just talking to a friend today about doing preschool this fall. I'd love to know what ya'll are doing. I just browsed through a great book on teaching kids to read w/ game ideas etc. that you just incorporate into your normal life. Rhyming games, etc. Its called "Help your child learn to read" by Betty Root

  5. K mar. I've started a post for the April Challenges. Do you want to edit it and add in the links for the mothers day stuff and the refashioning? Or you can send me links and I can put them in.

  6. Jess, I have a brother ES-2000. It was pretty cheap if I remember correctly (Like $100 or so), but it's served me pretty well the last 4 years. It's kind of like a sewing machine for dummies, which I kind of like.

    I love a couple things about it: self threading bobbin, it always stops with the needle down in the material, and it has a little button for the back stitch as opposed to using the pedal. It is really easy to go very slowly if you want, but it can also go fast.

    I don't like how small the arm is. The opening is tiny, so it's hard to quilt and what not. I also hate how thick the end piece is after you take the removable part off. I could never put a woman's fitted sleeve around it, let alone a child's sleeve. Not sure if that made sense. I also don't like that the removable part doesn't have a back, so you can't use it for storage. The motor doesn't seem very heavy duty compared to others I've used.

    I've heard Janomes are really good. That's probably what I'll look at next. This will last me awhile longer though, I hope.

  7. Jess, I had the wonderful luxury of learning how to sew on my own machine and haven't really used others, so I don't know what I am missing out on. I have a Kenmore 385.12312 and my parents gave it to me the year I got married. It has been a good machine and I have been able to do lots with it and I think that it has a good waranty through Sears. I think free maintenance as well? I don't believe it cost a ton as it is a "starter machine" and my parents had no idea how much I would actually use it. HA! Anyways, I have come to realize that it is not fancy by any stretch. Like Celia, I do find it hard to do little projects like sleeves etc because the arm is so wide. I have a three step button hole - not one. No automatic bobin threader and it only has 7 basic stitches. Mine does have storage, but I wish the needle stopped in the down postion. At some point I think I will upgrade and someday I would love love love to have a serger. However, all that aside, I think it has been a great machine and I have been able to accomplish all that I have wanted to with it (and it helps that I haven't used anyone else's cadillac machine ;) )