Monday, October 10, 2011

A handful or projects

Well, honestly, I haven't done that much crafting this year (which is why I haven't posted). After getting pregnant, my motivation and energy level dropped big time. Here are a handful of things I've been able to complete the last month or two now that I'm feeling a little better and slightly more motivated.

Here's my new "daily tasks" system. I have a monthly calendar next to it and then the night before I write down my appointments and what I want to accomplish the next day. I did like the idea of the last daily task system, but it required too much upkeep (turning cards 3 times a day). I do still try and incorporate some of her tasks on certain days (laundry or bathrooms on Monday, whatever I didn't do on Monday on Tuesday, etc.).

I really like having scriptures and quotes posted around the house where I can see them. I had been doing just printed messages on white paper, but after I painted, I haven't put those back up. I wanted something a little more permanent, so I did this vinyl on balsa wood  for our entry.

I saw this pinned on my friend's pinterest and made it up pronto since my meal planning had been suffering (I know, a constant problem for me). It kind of helps me put the "30 meals idea" in plain sight and arrange it 1 month at a time so I don't have to do it too frequently. I'm in my third week and it's definitely been helping me. The magnetic lables are handy since they can be moved easily if I have to change. I like it's a dry erase board, also, so if I don' t have a label made up, I can just write it in.  I got the calendar board at Target.  The customizable, printable, FREE labels are here. I do need a second board for the "extras", but this works for now.

These little pumpkins were actually our conference quiet project for the boys. They LOVED them. It was a $5 kit I got from Target, though I've seen them at Walmart as well. I basically just let them go to town without any direction from me. I just tacked a clothes line on our wall and used mini clothes pins to hang them.

These boo blocks were inspired by LeAnne's blocks from last year. I just got some coordinating paper and modge podged it onto black blocks. My friend Erin has a cricut cutter and made me the letters out of vinyl.

Aside from this, I've painted our computer room and a fair amount of trim, though there's a lot of trim left for me.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wooden Peg Nativity

I saw this and thought of your peg dolls, Mar. How hard do you think this would be? And what kind of paint did you use for your dolls?  It seems the felt would be easier, but if I wanted to do paint instead of felt?