Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wooden Peg Nativity

I saw this and thought of your peg dolls, Mar. How hard do you think this would be? And what kind of paint did you use for your dolls?  It seems the felt would be easier, but if I wanted to do paint instead of felt?


  1. Those are adorable. I just use those small bottles of craft paint and then I used a spray paint clear coat to finish them off. They also have paint pens which would be perfect for the small details like eyes. I recently did a set of star wars peg dolls for Payton and it took me one (long) afternoon.I don't know which would be easier - felt or paint. I guess it depends on how much detail you do. I would also worry about whether or not the kids could tear the felt off if it is glued on. I know my kids are hard on that kind of stuff. I've also seen these dolls with fabric mod-podged on which is cute too. Anyways, Can't wait to see what you do. They are so cute and so fun! I love the idea of having a nativity set that the kids can play with.

  2. Well, if I did the felt it definitely wouldn't be a kid set. I was thinking more along the lines of a Super Saturday type craft where we maybe did a simplified version with Mary, baby Jesus, Joseph, and an angel. If I had a pattern for the clothes, people could cut them out and do glue gun or something else (I'll have to experiment). Since it's simple with no painting, I was thinking it might be possible. It might prove to be too intricate, though.