Sunday, May 8, 2011

My new weekly tasks system

Well, I don't think it's any surprise to you, my close friends, that I'm not the world's most organized person. Nor am I the best house keeper. Up until now I haven't had specific days set aside for anything I do (except scheduled events like preschool). I do my laundry when things start running out. I clean the bathrooms when I can't stand the little toothpaste flecks on the mirror any longer. I...ok. I shouldn't divulge all of my house keeping sins here. I am trying to be better and get more organized though.

I recently came across a cute and simple system at Sherbet Blossom I thought might work for me. It's one you can purchase for a download to print, but you could easily make this if you felt crafty. Cut some cute coordinating card stock to an easy to handle size (3 for each day's tasks and one for each day of the week) print daily tasks on white card stock and glue on, etc. I have not felt like paper crafting at all, so I chose to buy and print it. I'll customize and add a few things here or there, but overall I think it will work for me. At least I hope it will help...

It splits each day up into 3 parts.
1.Daily morning tasks (empty dishwasher, review calendar and to do list, personal time)
2. "To do" items for the day
3. Daily evening tasks (run dishwasher, review calendar for tomorrow and personal--things like scriptures and journal)

Her suggested days for the "To dos" are as follows (though you can easily customize it and move it around to your schedule):
Monday: Major housecleaning day laundry, vacuum and dust, mop floors, wipe down doors, deep clean bathrooms
Tuesday: free/ clean out car (I think I'm going to add baking day -- bread, granola bars, etc.)
Wednesday: Problem area day--clean out fridge, clean kitchen, clean one problem area, make menu and grocery list (I'm adding empty all trash cans and take trash to curb)
Thursday: Grocery shopping and errands, clean bedrooms
Friday: date day -- clean out diaper bags/ purses, do something nice for hub
Sat.: Focus on family day
Sunday: day of rest. blog/journal, read

I'll hopefully get around to posting about how this works for me. I'm really hoping it will help. I often think if I just had a good system in place I could be better, but maybe I'm the problem rather than the system being the problem...time will tell I guess.


  1. My housekeeping sounds a lot like yours, Celia! When it starts to bother me enough, that's when I clean it. I've tried to make schedules before, but I never stick to them. I'm sure I'll be trying a new schedule soon for when the kids are out of school. Good luck! I'll be interested to hear how it works for you.

  2. that's awesome Celia. Other systems that I have used and liked (if only I would make them a permanent habit :)are which that site stems from a book written in like the 70s that I recommend called, The Sidetracked Home Executive, based on that as mothers we often start trying to do something but then get sidetracked by kids and life and forget what we started so then we have to re-think about what we're doing and often start something else only to repeat the cycle and end up never getting anywhere. I identified with that one A LOT and am currently using the box system used in that book. Good luck and I hope that you enjoy your new organization plan!

  3. After trying to clean this morning, I'm once again reminded why I have a hard time with it. Then cleaning becomes the priority instead of my kids and I get angry when they try and help and end up messing things up, or angry that they are whining because I'm not playing with them. I don't think I can do all of the tasks listed for Monday in one day. I just did both bathrooms and felt at my limit for the morning (and my kids' limit). So, tweaking will be in order for sure.

  4. As for the fly lady, she has some good suggestions, but ironically I can't stand visiting her site because it's so visually cluttered.

  5. Amen to her cluttered mess of a website and if you get on her email list she clutters up your email with tonz of overwhelming non-useful emails. Poor Flylady. She has good intentions. I had a friend that was doing it and she guided me to just the useful stuff.

    I do recommend that book I mentioned. In fact a neighboring RS(women's group) asked me to come to their meeting tomorrow and give a demo on that system because one of their members saw me do it at my RS group's meeting the end of last year. I really like the flexibility it gives. And that you are the one making your schedule not "the program".

    Good luck, its all trial and error and as with anything you have to adjust it to fit what you want to do and when you want to do it.

  6. Great idea! You will have to let us know more how it goes. This is definitely something that I struggle with big time - trying to fit regular cleaning in with three kids running around (making messes as I clean). Jess, I would love to hear a little bit more about the box method.
    On a similar note, I have made a schedule for my family. I did it because I felt like I wasn't spending enough quality time with the kids and they were fighting a lot. I sat down with them and asked them what kind of things they would like to do every week. Every week day we set aside a time for either park play, walking/biking, painting, craft project, or baking. I also scheduled things like meal time, snack time, teethbrushing, getting ready for school, cleaning, running errands, quiet reading etc etc. I printed it out in excel with some little pictures and laminated it and stuck it on my fridge. The kids loved looking at each day and saying "It is paint day" or it is time for a snack. They can't tell time quite yet but with the small graphics they could tell where we were at in our day. I have to admit I have not been that good at following it lately, but when I was good at following it we were all much happier and the older kids were getting along much better. I am planning on doing some kind of summer schedule to keep us sane.