Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Woman's shirt to girl's nightgown... sewing buttons, and a headband

Ruth needed some more nightgowns for the warmer weather and I had this shirt that I decided to re-purpose. I just took in the seams above the shoulders and under the arms to make it more comfortable for her. I have one more still to do.

I was mending Rex's sunday shirt, sewing some buttons that were about to fall off and Ruth got interested in helping. After we were done she wanted to do more, so she sewed these 3 buttons on Rex's apron. So I went through all my mending and found more work for her.
This isnt quite refashioning, but its one of the projects I'm pleased with. I just added the lace at the bottom of the skirt since I have a tall girl and some skirts are not long enough for her. I also added the lace across the bodice because I had it passed on to me and it matched so cute I thought.
This is actually a headband my sister sent me, but it is one I had been wanting to make. I had seen some at a store that were handmade and thought, this looks like nylon material! I experimented with cutting a ring off of old black nylons, but it was a little too thin. This one is a section of leg from baby tights sewn in a loop. Easy and comfy. It has a loop at the top to clip barrettes to, so its interchangeable. I like this idea.
I thought you'd appreciate this last one - my couch when I was crafting :) See the sewing machine in the background? I love crafting, but I love a clean house, too. So off I go to continue life! Love you, ladies :)
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  1. Good job Lis!! I love all the pictures! Your baby is sooo darling. I think it is the first picture I have seen since she was a newborn. i have a couple of nylon headbands for Lou and I love how soft and stretchy they are. Love the crochet flower. I also love the dress that Ruth is wearing in the pic with her and Rex. Did you make it? I was also noticing the cupboard in the background that looks like a play kitchen. Love it! Love all the refashions too and the fact that you let Ruth sew on buttons. I haven't thought to let my 4 year old try that - maybe I should. Your such a good (and patient!) momma.

  2. Good job! I love the dress with lace. I'm amazed any of you can have a sewing machine out without your children dismantling it or sewing their fingers (things I could TOTALLY see Dean doing. He's such a busy boy.). 99% of my crafting is done after the boys are asleep. I love that Ruth was able to sew those buttons! How advanced. Good for her.

  3. Super cute! I am also amazed that you are incorporating your kids into your crafting. Your little girl is beautiful. Her face is just radiating so much joy. Muy bonita!