Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Dresses

So I have been reading this blog and all of a sudden I realized I've been enjoying seeing your efforts for a while without sharing my own.  I haven't had the sewing bug for a bit, maybe these dresses did me in.  I think I've been focusing on doing Spring Cleaning and I"m sure I can think of lots of other excuses, but I can feel the crafting bug coming back in the near future.

I'll post picts of the girls wearing them on my private blog for my month in review, so you'll just have to keep waiting b/c they are super cute.  My oldest got chocolate on hers the first time wearing it and I thus learned that the flowers fall apart in the washing machine.  So now I need something else to put in that spot.  Suggestions?

I also did a nursing cover but already gave it away.  I will be doing a few more since three of my friends will be having babies this summer and one of them is having twins.  Any suggestions on twin modifications for a nursing cover?  All I can think of is make it extra wide.


  1. LOVE these Jess. Super cute. I've kind of been in a slight crafting funk the last few weeks as well. Dean's quilt is doing me in! I've been working, just slowly. I just need to get the right batting and start the quilting, though, so I see the light at the end of the tunnel! I just want to move on, but I can't bring myself to start another project until this one is done.

  2. Super cute Jess! I love the little flowers. One suggestion would be to make a fabric flower. There are only about a million tuts out there for fabric flowers. If you want suggestions, I could suggest a few. Although they are cute enough with just the ribbon waistband. I bet your girls look so cute in them - can't wait to see your update!

    Cel, I have had such a busy month, I haven't even been able to make it to the fabric store to get stuff for my quilt back. My quilt really is going to take me forever to finish!