Thursday, June 17, 2010

Refashion Skirt and Leg Warmers

The baby is crawling. When I realized that she could get up our step in the living room to our hard tile kitchen floor, I knew I wanted to get her some baby legs/leg warmers to protect her little knees. When I was at Target in the baby section I saw some baby legs for about $8. I remembered my SIL put together a tutorial to make some toddler leg warmers, so I wandered to the adult sock section. Sure enough their knee highs were on sale for $2. So I bought 4 pairs, came home and made legwarmers. Four pairs for the price of one. Yay! They fit both my 2 year old and my baby. On my baby I scrunch them up a little bit. I love them. I love being able to put my baby in a onsie in the summer but I can put these on when she is crawling around and I am going to love them in the fall and winter when I can put them on my preschooler with a skirt.

Speaking of which, after I made the leg warmers I decided I wanted some more cute skirts for my little girl. So I followed my SIL's tutorial for these skirts made out of old t-shirts. I LOVE them. I have been stockpiling old t-shirts for projects like this.  I used three different t-shirts to make these. The second one was made out of a man's t-shirt (large I think) so it is extra full even though I took it in a little bit.

As a side note, I love Abby's tip on making ruffles super easy. Set your tension to the highest setting and use a basting stitch. And to make mine even more fluffy I pulled the thread at the top of my machine while I was sewing pulling the stitch even tighter.


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