Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The start of Celia's 30 meals list

I'm hoping that by making up this list I'll somehow get my food mojo back. Right now cooking, eating, and grocery shopping are all "eat to live" sort of chores for me.

  1. Ground beef tacos/tostadas/double deckers/soft tacos/ navajo tacos
  2. Bean and beef/chicken/rice/veggie burritos
  3. Scottish meat pies
  4. Beef Stew
  5. Roast and potatoes
  6. Mini meatloaves (take em or leave em)
  7. BBQ beef, chicken, pork sandwiches
  8. Sesame chicken and rice
  9. Classic chicken and veg stirfry over rice or noodles
  10. Millionaire chicken and rice
  11. Chicken Taco Soup
  12. Crockpot Swiss Chicken
  13. Monterrey Chicken
  14. Chicken Fajitas
  15. Café Rio Salads
  16. Chicken or ham and broccoli braid
  17. Israeli couscous and grilled veggies with chicken satays
  18. Regular or White chili
  19. Scalloped potatoes and ham
  20. Habichuelas
  21. Posole
  22. Falafal and pitas
  23. Artichoke and spinach lasagna (or regular lasagna)/raviolis
  24. Mahi Mahi fish tacos
  25. hamburgers/hot dogs/black bean burgers

We're having major food issues and many of these foods aren't necessarily "once a month" foods. We like them, but not enough to have them that frequently. So I guess I really need a "40-50 meals" list to keep us happy! Matt's pretty burned out on food lately too. Things on his no list: sandwiches (unless on homemade french bread with lots of goodies), chicken (unless it's marinated overnight and grilled), flour tortillas, and salad (unless it's "different" from my normal garden salad).

I basically try and make what Matt and I like and not cater to kids. Unfortunately Matt and I don't seem to like much these days. Even my Mexican food seems like it falls short of my expectations recently. Dean (Age 2) refuses to eat any pasta. We don't eat it that often anyway, but it's annoying when I do. He won't even let it touch his mouth unless he HAS to eat it in order to get his night time milk. He also won't eat potatoes in any form other than oven fries. Oh, and a casserole? Forget it. He mainly eats fruit, breads, fresh veggies, steamed broccoli, and occasionally cheese or some other form of protein. He'd live off of Isagenix bars and shakes and milk and fruit if I let him. Luckily Walter (11 mo.) eats just about everything. He seriously eats twice or three times as much solid food as Dean!

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