Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jessica's Menu Helps ~ 30 meals

  1. crockpot bbq beef sandwiches
  2. crockpot angel chicken pasta
  3. grilled sandwiches (lots of yummy varieties) and soup
  4. oven baked chicken (leftovers make yummy sandwiches, wraps, and then
  5. homemade noodles and soup with the bones and leftover leftovers :)
  6. a surprising forever favorite seems to be hamburger gravy and rice
  7. (hawaiian haystacks, or stroganoff are branches of this too)
  8. shephard's pie
  9. spaghetti
  10. pizza
  11. alfredo w/ broccoli
  12. chicken parm
  13. chicken pot pie
  14. lentil soup
  15. homemade chilli
  16. lasagna
  17. manicotti
  18. chicken enchiladas
  19. tacos (w/ homemade taco bowls-new recipe yum!)
  20. blts
  21. fried rice and pot stickers (Sam specialty)
  22. baked potatoes
  23. 2x baked potatoes
  24. oven potatoes, carrots and chicken
  25. tinfoil dinners (even yummy w/o tinfoil and just in the oven or stove)
  26. bbq chicken
  27. hamburgers
  28. hot dogs, etc.
  29. chicken dumplings
  30. anything that can be eaten in picnic fashion (esp. pb&j sandwiches w/chips, apples and juice is a SUPER fav here)
and this is what she's trying for dinner tonight: chicken wraps  wish me luck!


  1. lol. hope your chicken wraps were a success! Love ya girl!

  2. They were great, I really like the Caesar dressing which I'd never made a dressing from scratch before. Also the chicken had a nice little kick to it since it marinated in hot sauce. I'm adding it to my summer menu which I'm hoping to expand.

  3. I tried a take on those wraps tonight! They turned out well. I did the marinade pretty close to the recipe and the chicken was good. I didn't get much heat from that amount of hot sauce, so next time I'll probably kick it up a bit. I didn't have time to make the dressing, so I used ranch and added feta, alfalfa sprouts, and avocado. Next time I'll probably leave out the avocado because it didn't add much flavor but added almost too much richness.

    Good recommendation though! Glad you linked it.

  4. I should have had a disclaimer or explanation that my family is very wimpy when it comes to spicy food. You're right that it wasn't that much heat, but the little there was was detectable by my oldest and so she often told me in her everyone-knows-this voice that she does not like spicy food. She got it down just fine when she knew that dessert was on the line though, so it couldn't have been too bad ;) If you want links/recipes to any of the other ones, let me know.