Sunday, June 20, 2010

Works in progress.

I have all the wood cut for the picnic table. I've done everything myself so far with my one little miter box and hand saw. I feel good about what I've done. Now I just have to sand and assemble. I had to get a little creative on the larger pieces that didn't fit in the miter box as well as the angles it didn't have. I essentially made my own miter box with scrap wood. I think I'm on track, but we'll see how it all comes together. I did the majority of the cutting at night after the boys were asleep, but I just wasn't getting it done as quickly as I'd like, so I did a little cutting that past Saturday day. Of course that meant a very cute little helper. It was very hot this week here in TX, so I tried to get everything done while I had a little shade! (I was still in my pjs!)

I'm also currently working on a spring ruffle shirt from a Sew Mama Sew tutorial done by Made by Rae. I want to turn it into a dress with a belt, but I don't know if it will work. I'll either have to modify the sleeves or just wear an undershirt. I'm leaning toward the latter, but we'll see how it looks once I have it pinned up.

I've also been doing some Letters of the Week with Dean. So far we've done:
a is for apple (he enjoyed making seeds with his black marker as well as coloring on the paper plate. He thought that was a great idea since it wasn't his normal paper)
A is for alligator
O is for octopus we used gift ribbon for the legs and I thought it looked nicer than the tissue paper
P is for popcorn
J is for jelly bean he totally didn't get the whole "j is for jelly bean" on this. He was way too busy eating. When I said, "J is for ...?" he kept saying "Jungle" (hence, the J is for Jungle craft) and "then I'd say, no, what do we have on the paper?" and he'd say "Beans!" Oh well. Whatever.
J is for jungle
i is for ice cream (i turned it into a lowercase. thought it worked better that way.)

We also made a shape house

I've decided that doing anything with snacks or treats really stresses me out. He couldn't care less about gluing treats or snacks on a paper if he can eat them by the handful. I anticipated him eating some, but he was digging in like he doesn't get treats very often! Oh, wait. He doesn't. Plus, you can't really save them. I like the ones I can save and/or make into a book later.

We've mainly used elmer's glue, markers, and construction paper because I don't have a whole lot of supplies. I really need to remedy that. He's really enjoyed the craft time together. I usually do it during Walter's morning nap so we have some fun alone time.

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