Monday, August 2, 2010

August Challenges

Seasonal: Halloween
Sure it's not October, but the time it takes me to finish projects, it's time to start thinking about Halloween!
If you were hoping for back to school ideas, they're doing a whole month's worth over at Sew Mama Sew.

Trick or Treat Totes from our favorite LeAnne at Everyday Celebrations
I am determined to make Dean and Walter these.

Fabric Pumpkins by my good friend Erin at Schlosser Designs
I made a couple of these last year. They're cute.

Self and Child crafts: Finish something you've already started! That's what I'll be doing at least.

Recipe Recommendation: Hummus and Pitas
We just had them tonight (not our first time, by any means) and they're so yummy.

A few tips on the pita recipe:
  1. The dough is a really soft dough. Don't roll the pieces out into a circle until seconds before you put it in the oven or it will relax too much and stick to the counter and/or stretch out too much.
  2. They won't puff correctly if they're too thin, either.
  3. I've found in my oven they brown quicker on the bottom, so don't wait till the top is browned. 4 min. makes a much softer pita.
  4. I do a wet towel on top of the pitas rather than put them in a bag. I've found it to be easier and more effective.

1 comment:

  1. I've made the pitas before and loved them! So yummy, but they didnt turn out very well for separating, so I'm glad for the tips.

    The hummus is a staple for us. I cook up a pound of beans and freeze them in 2 cup portions for my hummus. My kids love it with fresh cucumber, bell pepper, carrots or celery. I also learned that I can grind sesame seeds in my coffee grinder(we got one for grinding flax seeds) to add the taste and benefit of tahini. You have to be careful not to grind so long that it makes a paste, though. Good stuff.