Thursday, July 8, 2010

Neck pillows

I LOVE EASY PROJECTS! I made one last night and two tonight.

I made the first out of quilting cotton. The second was out of flannel. The third was out of flannel and fleece. The worst by far was the cotton pillow. It's a bit scratchy and didn't have a good enough stretch to fill nicely. The other two were just fine, though I was able to pack more polyfill in the one with fleece (since it had the most stretch) making for a slightly taller pillow.

I will probably make two of these for myself. One by itself isn't enough for my large noggin and neck, but two stacked on top of each other is just about perfect! We'll see if I can get the boys to use these on our 14-16 hour (one way) trip to AZ this month! I imagine that if they're head's to the bobbing point, they won't even notice if I slip it on them...

I drew up a pattern onto parchment paper from make it and love it's description. As I drew it up, though, I actually did 1 in. smaller on the legs than she described in the comments. I'd be interested to make the pillow with her exact dimensions and compare. Not hard at all.

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  1. The flannel/fleece pillow is too big for my 1 year old. It pushes his neck forward too much because of how much stuffing is packed in. The flannel one is fine for him though. So, just don't over stuff for little guys...