Thursday, September 9, 2010

B is for a BUNCH of things

I hope you girls don't mind me posting these things here, but I feel like it fits this blog better than my others...

So, today was my second and final day of teaching preschool this month.

B is for: (and yes, if it has a bold, I did really point out that each of those words were B words)

  1. The first station was Baking Banana Bread.  I had a gallon sized Bag at each kid's place at the table.  I gave each child a Banana to put in their bag. I sealed it up tight and let them go to town squishing their bananas. I had one little boy pulverize his banana. The rest did pretty well too.  Once their bananas were  sufficiently squished, I cut a hole in the corner of their bag and let them squeeze it down into the bowl. I'd pre-measured all of the other ingredients so I could have them easily take turns and dump them into the bowl. We mixed, divided it up into 4 mini pans, and set them to Bake.
  2. Next we Bowled in my kitchen. I put a line of Blue painter's tape on my floor for them to stand on, and a blue triangle to help guide the cups set up.  I ended up moving the line up because they were having a harder time with it than I expected. After that they had lots of knock downs.
  3. We headed outside and played on the playset for a little Break.
  4. Next we had the Bean Bag station. (Last night I busted out 2/child with a pattern and game ideas from Create, each with a B themed fabric. We had bugs, lady bugs, butterflies, and birds. I forgot to take pics of the others before I gave them to the kids. I cut one set of bean bags out smaller, though at 5X8 instead of the 5X9 and liked the size better for little hands.)  
    • For the first game I had them stand behind my coffee table and throw them into Blue Bowls. We cheered and screamed for pretty much any contact. If they tipped the bowl over, we cheered. If they made it into the bowl, we cheered. They seemed to enjoy it.
    • The second game was "Teacher says" put the bean bag help with body part identification and balance.
  5. The kids were getting a little rowdy by this point, so I got out a towel for each of them and told them that they were Beds and that we were going to read a Bedtime Book (The B book). Two of the kids really got into the bed thing; the other two didn't want to pretend they were sleeping.
  6. By that time our bread finished baking, so we stopped for a little snack.
  7. Last we made some bumblebees. I got the idea from a friend who has a tuition preschool here in town. She has lots of great preschool ideas on her blog. I put a packet for each kid together the night before in a ziplock that had the body, wings, antenna, eyes, and black stripes. They glued everything on with a little help. Dean's eyes don't match because he "borrowed Susie's eye" because his fell on the ground. He put a nice big glob of elmer's for the eyes. I wanted to sing the bumblebee song, but I was a bit to busy to think about it so I sang it with Dean later.
 It was a tiring, but fun and successful 2 hours!

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