Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I is for ice cream

It's the first week of the month and I'm teaching preschool again! So, here's the gamut of my preschool today.

We first did our calendar and weather chart that I made. I am in the process of revamping this so it can double as a chalk board, so I will show you that when I'm finished.

I is for Insect and I spy:
  • I had some foam sheets with the letter I on them. I let them decorate them with insect stickers and used sticky back velcro to turn them into an "I spy" telescope. 
  • We looked at 1 page of an I spy book and I quickly realized they had no interest. That kind of surprised me since Dean loves I spy books.
  • I had pictures of different types of insects taped on my cupboards.  We played "I spy an insect that..." I would describe an insect and they'd try and find it and swat it with a fly swatter! They liked the fly swatter, but they didn't like that I only had 1 of them and they had to share and take turns.
  • We went outside and had an insect hunt and flew like insects on our playset swings.
  • We came inside and read an Eric Carle book, put on glow bracelets, and went into a semi-dark room and pretended to be fireflies
Old School Sesame Street Segments
  • I love Old School Sesame Street and fairly despise the Elmo run Sesame Street.  So, we watched an old Grover "i" song and a capital I segment. I thought they'd like the song more, but they really laughed at the other segment more.
I is for Instruments
  • We made some shakers out of empty water bottles and corn. They were easy, cheap, and fantasticly noisy!  This was the funnest part of preschool today.
  • We turned on some TMBG's 123s and ABCs and jammed out with our shakers.

I is for Igloo and Ice Cream
  • I made homemade ice cream and carrot cupcakes since one of the boys had a birthday on Sunday.We "iced" the cupcakes (igloos) and put marshmallows all over them to build our igloo.  We ate the ice cream out on my little picnic table I made and it made me happy. =0)

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