Sunday, October 31, 2010

King of the Wild Things!

Yes, you read correctly. This is MDawg posting! I came up with an idea for a Halloween costume for my toddler that I thought would be perfect for him. I saw some costumes online to buy for way too much money. So I decided I could probably make one myself. So, that's what I did. Although each stitch was technically done by me, I had a lot of technical support from my expert mom. I still can't figure out how you girls have time to do all that you do! The only time I could sew was at night when the kids were asleep. And by the time they are asleep, I don't want to sew. I just want to go to bed! Maren, I think it's great that you are happy to make costumes for your kids every year. I told Scott next year if I get a crazy idea to make a Halloween costume to remind me that it stresses me out. I prefer to go the day after Halloween and buy cheaply made costumes for cheap. With that being said, this wild thing definitely did look quite cute (if I do say so myself)!


  1. Very, very cute! I am very proud of you!

    As for the time...I imagine I don't sleep nearly enough! I generally only get about 6 hours (or less?) of sleep. Plus my kids go to bed pretty darn early.

  2. MDAWG!!!! How cute is that!! Great job! I have to say that is way cuter than any Halloween costume that I have made. And way more difficult. sleeves are not exactly easy. I would be interested to know if you used a pattern for the suit or if you and your mom just winged it. (They must be back from their mission now - YAY!) I did actually buy two of my kids costumes this year. I know I will have many years of making my girls costumes (or being very creative) because what I find in the stores around here for young girls can be a little know. not something I would let my daughter out of my house in. Thankfully the girls my daughters age are still in the sweet princess stage.

    Sewing for me is relaxing and I crave some me time every now and then and that is one thing I can do for me. And it also isn't something I do every day. It kind of goes in phases. Anyways, GREAT JOB!! I also enjoyed the pictures of your little one. I can't believe your baby is that big now. I don't think I have seen pictures of him since he was a baby. He is darling!

  3. For the body and the hood, I used a pattern for a dog costume my mom made a few years ago. Then I added the cardboard buttons that I covered with fabric and I made the claws out of felt. Then I pinned on the tail (a boa) and made the crown out of wool felt. I think I like the crown the best!

  4. That is an awesome costume! Good job Mdawg! Its so fun to see that you are crafting too. I love this blog and feeling just a little bit closer to you guys. Kind of sort of not really but a little like the good ol' days!