Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Calander Template

Has anyone started on their card organizer yet? I just sat down to start it and I found this great birthday calander template if anyone is interested. I love it. I also typed up all of my addresses in Excel and realized I have a lot of old addresses! I still have to get a binder. Any thoughts on size for those of you who may have started already. Can't wait to sit down and try my hand at making a few handmade cards and envelopes. (I googled evelope tutorial and found tons). I'm actually really excited about this project. It is going to stretch me a little bit since I am both unorganized and un-paper-crafty.


  1. I started on my cards but not the organizer yet. I have been paper crafting the last 3 nights and I've pretty much hit my paper crafting quota I think! I've made something like 18 birthday cards. I need to make 2 mothers' day cards and 2 fathers' day cards. My Christmas cards are gonna have to wait awhile because I just can't take much more paper. I'm ready for fabric again!!

  2. okay, so I've made two birthday cards and am realizing that it is going to be quite a bit of work to make all 28 birthday cards that I need for a whole year! I somehow need to streamline my cards.