Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dean's apron

I finished this last night. When Dean came into the living room this morning and saw it he said, "Walter's new pillowcase." haha. His grandma made him a pillow case for Christmas that was the same color as the apron.

Some of my mistakes: I didn't read the instructions closely. I read "1/2 in. seams" but failed to notice that the neck and waist pieces were supposed to have 1/4 in. seams. I also thought it said 3/8 in. elastic, but it really said 3/4 in. Lucky for me, because the 3/8 elastic fit perfectly in my small straps. The straps were super hard to turn, but I actually like the size they turned out. Oh, and I forgot to pre-wash. Oops. Hopefully it doesn't look wonky after washing and drying. I'll let you know.

Things I'd change next time: Once I forced Dean to try it on (he REALLY didn't want to), the neck strap was a little longer than I wanted and the waist was waaaayyy too big. I'd probably cut the waist strap by 2 inches and the neck by 1-2. I added a lined pocket.

The two fabrics are Robert Kaufman Fundamentals and Robert Kaufaman Animals gone wild.


  1. Very cute cel! I am sure he will love it. I am glad you added the pocket (I think all aprons should have pockets!)

  2. looks cute! I guess the thing that I don't like about sewing is that I have to venture out to the fabric store to find fabric and thread. it just seems like too much work. I know, I know, I'm lazy. And I know some people LOVE fabric stores. Maybe I'll get to that point some day.

  3. Mdawg, I'm not in love with actually going to the fabric store because there are so many fabrics and I kinda get lost in the process and they're so expensive normally ($10/yard). I do, however, get an email from a local quilting shop and peruse their sale fabrics online ($4-5/yrd). If any of them look interesting, I'll go in see if I like it in person.