Monday, February 8, 2010

I'll choose....

I think I'll try the tool belt for this month and I've been talked into the card organizer since I don't do cards, but I really should send more cards than I do. So those will be my two for now and hopefully I"ll be able to finish them in time for next month.  JoAnns is having a sale on Pres. day, so now that I'm planning on being a crafter this year I hope to get some supplies at their sale.  Where and how do you guys find affordable crafting supplies?  I know most of these projects don't require much, but I just thought I'd ask and see if any of you have tricks to share on stocking your craft room.

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  1. I would make sure you are on a mailing list for both Michaels and JoAnns so you are getting their flyers every couple of weeks. That way you can shop the sales and use the 40% coupons. Also, look online for coupons before you shop every time. I rarely shop at these stores without a coupon. I have even been able to use two coupons (for two separate items) in the same transaction. I have also heard that the coupons are transferable. So they might accept Michaels coupons at Joann's and vice versa.

  2. Yes, Michaels accepts Joann coupons. At least in my area.

    In the way of fabric, the two quilt shops in our area have online sites that show their inventory. One of the shops often has AWESOME designer fabrics for $4-5/yrd. when they're normally $10/yrd. If you find a fabric you like but it's more expensive than you want to pay, take note of the designer and look it up online. There are lots of etsy and online fabric shops and you can frequently find sales.

    I actually just signed up for a fabric co-op that LeAnn referred. It mainly carried Michael Miller and Robert Kaufman fabrics it seems. Not sure yet if it will fill my fabric needs.

    Joann's often has online sales. The closest to me is about 1/2 hour away, so I can't just "pop in" easily. I just bought TONS of flannel online when they had it for $2.50/yrd. when it's normally $6/yrd.

    For quilt batting I actually bought a King size quilt batting and cut it to the size I need. It's cheaper than buying a baby quilt bat.
    And Walmart is my thread, needles, and notions place.

  3. Joann's online still has the flannel for $2.50/yd if you're interested.