Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My goals for this month are to:

1) make granola

2) make a card organizer


3) oil my sewing machine!

Ellie's blanket has been sitting so close to done this whole time because my machine began to break threads every 2 minutes and it was not worth re-threading that many times. After a bit of research and realizing that I had not oiled my machine the whole 5 years I've owned it I figured its a lack of maintenance. I got it from free-cycle and without a manual (which I recently bought on line) and I had never seen anyone oil their machine, so it never occurred to me I should do so! SO... word to the wise, my crafting friends! Maintain your machine! Hopefully I haven't ruined it, though I suppose it could be a good excuse to upgrade, eh?


  1. hmmm....i don't know if I've oiled my machine in the last 4 years...maybe I ought to do that.

  2. Follow up:

    I didnt get my cards done, but Will made granola and I did get my sewing machine oiled.

    I had put it off for a long time trying to find a moment without little hands to help, but after reading about your adventures with little helpers I decided to try. It was encouraging - we didnt ruin the machine and the kids felt good helping.

    I also got routine holders done, but the velcro isnt sticking to the pictures we made, so I need to either buy some heavy duty sticking kind or make new pictures out of pelon.