Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maren's Card Organizer

Yay! I'm finally finished with my card organizer. Well, almost. I will need to buy or make envelopes at some point. I went with the binder route although I liked Celia's idea of the accordian file.

In the binder I included a birthday calander and list of addresses. I have all of our family birthdays listed on my wall calander so I know when they are coming up but I like having them all written down in one place so when I sit down to make cards they are right in front of me. I also included some notes on what sizes to cut the cards and paper to go on top of cards.

It took me awhile to get into the grove since I haven't really made a lot of cards before, but once I got started and found the best size I was able to really go to town and I think I made over 30 cards - enough for the whole year! I followed Celia's advice on card sizes (folding an 8.5x11 in half and then cutting it in half).

I am soooo glad I did this project because I am normally pretty good at getting birthday cards out, or at least I try to be pretty good at it, but I have hated spending the $2-$5 on each card. In the last year or so I decided I wanted to make cards because I figured it would save a lot of money. Over the past year I bought an acrylic stamp set at Costco, a couple of those scrapbooking paper pads, cardstock, and my favorite - I found double sided cardstock with matching border trims at Sam's Club, all with the intent to start making my own cards. It probably sounds a little overboard, but over the next year I will have made up that in cost by making my own cards plus I will have the stamps and paper to make cards for the next several years! And it was a lot of fun!

For some cards I just used double sided cardstock, but I think my favorites are the plain colored cardstock with scrapbook paper. I found that one piece of scrapbook paper can be used for several cards.

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  1. nice job mar. i usually use plain paper with cardstock too, but i had a lot of double sided i wasn't going to use other wise since i've stopped scrapbooking.

  2. I'm very impressed, you're cards are so cute!