Friday, February 5, 2010

Lisa's input

Maren, I love the header - very cute! Its the shadow of the toy machine you got for Bella - how did you do that?

Mdawg, I definitely appreciated your post :) I bet you'll be able to teach your girl to sew buttons herself pretty soon!

So, instead of sending another email I decided to post things here. Sorry I don't have links for all of the ideas. I really should go do laundry instead of searching internet right now!

These are things I've been wanting to make:

Cloth baby toys (I have a friend that made these for her little girl)

chore magnets (pictures of chores to do for me and kids)

boy dress-ups (cowboy, prince, animals, etc...)

girl hair barrettes

more felt food

table runner

I also like these projects from your list (I've been wanting to make these too):

Montessori works

greeting cards


bean bags


felt food

while looking at links I found this table cover, too which I've recently thought of making but hadnt found a picture yet, though I'll make mine simpler.

After making this list I'm realizing that I've been wanting to do lots of these things for a long time! I bookmark cute crafts all the time and am usually only motivated by making them as gifts or for my children. Realistically I probably wont be up for making much this year, so my ideas are not very weighty.

I've found that when I want to do something, if I have a place where I record it, it puts my mind at ease, even though I may not have time to do it for a long time, so it will be nice to have all these ideas in one place to look back at when I do have time!

Most of my free time is going to reading and I want to research a bunch about montessori. I'm not planning on sending Ruth to Kindergarten next year and I'd like to do some homeschool at home (based on montessori). I have made a lot of younger montessori works and have collected a lot of materials to make others, so of all the projects, this is probably the one I should focus on, though the others are so fun!

This is a very fun idea, Celia!


  1. what montessori works have you already made?
    I love the table cover.
    I may just have to use that bird pattern for my partridges in my Christmas tree this year!

  2. Darn, I wrote a long comment and it got lost. I'm planning on doing a post on this later, so I guess I'll save it for then. I have quite a few, some very simple.