Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tool Belt and Tag Blankets

I finished Dean's tool belt and three tag blankets last night. I made a few minor modifications (can I make anything without doing this??? maybe it's my way of feeling like I've created something on my own...). I liked the idea of the velcro strap from the aprons so he could put it on himself, so I widened the strap a little and did velcro. I added his name using this template for the letters. I used fray check on the edges of the letters. I tried doing the no-sew iron on stuff, but it didn't stick well in some areas, probably because of the fray check. So I did end up sewing the letters after I took this picture.

When I asked Matt what he thought he said, "Nice craftsmanship, but it doesn't look like a tool belt! You need leather looking material." So, maybe one day I'll make a "real" tool belt instead of this "cutesy" monster one. If I do make another, I'll probably shorten the hammer loop a little.

1 comment:

  1. i love it celia! i love the monsters and i love that you put his name on it. i also have really liked the velcro strap idea. So cute!