Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sew frustrated!!!

I just finished re-purposing a skirt I made when I was pregnant. As I was putting my machine away, I hear my 2 y.o. say, "Dean doing hard work." I turned around and he had my scissors and was cutting my skirt!!! On the one hand, it's kind of cute he tried to do "hard work" like mom. On the other hand, HE JUST CUT MY NEW SKIRT!!!!! Note to self, put the scissors away FIRST!


  1. Oh, so sorry. That is totally frustrating. I have actually had that same fear. (Just yesterday I packed up my maternity stuff and put a pile of shirts on my sewing table to alter so I can still wear them)

  2. Oh that is not fun! Like you said it was kinda cute that he was working hard like you. I hope you can fix it.

    Loving your blog ladies!!!

  3. I patched it up a bit. It's definitely not as good as new, but it's wearable.