Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skirts for Bella

I know this is not part of this month's challenge, but I thought I would include it as well.

I decided last week that since I made a special dress for Lou Lou for her blessing it might be fun for Bella to have a cute new skirt as well. I had been dying to make this ruffle skirt from Grand Revival for quite awhile. I recently found this cute Alexander Henry print (the brown one) at JoAnns and was anxious to use it. I also found some gold tulle in the remanant section and got it for really cheap and wanted to somehow incorporate it into a skirt for Bella.

Originally I thought I could use the tulle with the brown print, but I decided to go with the ruffle skirt instead and make something a little dressier for Lou's blessing day. So the Inside Out Skirt was born. I used some of the leftover champaign silk from Lou's dress and paired it with the tulle. I thought it would be fun to have the tulle on the outside instead of underneath. I think it looks really cute. And it took me probably less than an hour to put together. It is pretty self explanatory, but if someone wants a tutorial I would be willing to do that. Bella wore it on Sunday with a white t-shirt, white shrug, white tights and black shoes. So needless to say it looked much better than with her choice of shirt and shoes here.

Ruffle Skirt

Although I used the tutorial for the construction of the skirt I used my own meausurments for waist length and height of ruffle. Oddly enough my meausurements for a 2 year old were significantly bigger than for the size 5-6 in the tutorial. Am I totally crazy. I would like to see how the skirt in the tutorial fits on an actual little girl. I am wondering if mine is a little more full??

Inside Out Skirt


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  1. OH my goodness. so cute. Bella's the best little model for it too.