Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wood Peg Dolls

I thought I would get a head start on Bella's birthday gift since I figured it would take me forever (her birthday isn't until August). I was planning on just starting these dolls yesterday, but it turns out that the paint drys pretty quickly and I was able to work on all the dolls at the same time. I think they turned out okay. Although, since I made them I see all the flaws. After I finished them and they were mostly dry the kids got up on the counter where I had put them and started playing with them so some of them need touchups. I think I am going to add some rosy cheeks and am still debating on whether or not to add mouths. I am also going to spray paint them with a glossy finish. I discovered after buying mine online that Michael's sells 2 sizes of boys and I heard that JoAnn's sells the girl version although I haven't looked myself to see if my store carried them. Also, I bought a 3" mom and dad but after putting them in my small house thought they were too big. I used the next size (2 3/4" ?) for parents. I got my doll house at Michael's (my local one didn't carry them)it is a two shelf CD tower/doll house. I can't wait to work on that. I have little wood pieces to make into beds, tables, fridges etc. I had so much fun working on the dolls and am very excited to get started on the house. I don't know if I can wait until Bella's birthday!


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