Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm just popping in real quick. I am trying to get ready for the baby blessing tomorrow, but I wanted to let you all know that you have admin rights so you can help maintain the blog if so desired. Celia and I both have a text box on the side with a little info about our crafting selfs. And Celia added the nice throwback picture (love it!). Feel free to add a bit about yourself if you want.

what do you think of our craft room?

Lisa, I took the picture I had of the sewing machine and opened it in Adobe Photoshop and painted it black and white and paint-bucketed the fence behind it. Celia tweeked it so it will fit in the box and added the nice lettering. Then I just "painted" the thread. I hope this will be a craft room each of you enjoy visiting, so if there is something that you dislike about it or want to change we can do that.

Also, since we all have different interests I was thinking that each month we can come up with ideas in three different areas. One could be a seasonal craft. We can post links and ideas of crafts that we would like to do that season. It could be decorations for our homes or a craft to do with the kids or whatever. Second a craft for ourselves/homes. And third a craft idea for the kids. That way we can all pick and choose and share ideas within those realms. Also, we can post anything else craft related we do that month even if it doesn't fit into one of the categories. I just made a couple of skirts this week that I will post when I get a few minutes. What say ye?

I will start with a few seasonal related projects that I hope to do this month.

felt heart garland

valentines fabric flower wreath (from my very talented sister in law)

Also Lisa, for the card table play houses, my sister in law also did a tutorial for that and here is a felt play house done by Homemade by Jill.

Any ideas for a craft for ourselves or for the kids this month?

(Or if you think that idea is lame, I promise I won't cry myself to sleep)



  1. fabulous idea on the 3 things a month. I'm trying to decide if I liked the black background better. Pros and cons to both black and white.

  2. can you get continuous large pieces of felt at joann's? I've never seen felt other than the squares at Michaels/Walmart, though I've never thought to look for larger pieces.

  3. Love the picture! And I love the header!

  4. Yes, you can buy felt by the yard (or less than a yard) at JoAnn's. I don't know how great the selection of color is though. I bought some wool felt off the bolt (I think it was 25% wool) and it seemed like the colors were mostly natural type colors not bright. I haven't paid much attention to see what the selection was like though in the regular felt. But if you are thinking of making a playhouse it probably would be cheaper to make it out of felt. Plus there is so much you can do with the felt.

  5. Maren,
    thanks for the playhouse links! I love the mesh windows. I didnt know you could buy felt by the yard either - good to know. Its much more than I had planned to do, but so cute and fun!Maybe I can make the basic and then add on here and there when I have time :) Love the valentines crafts, too.