Monday, February 15, 2010

My repurposed skirt

Here's the skirt I was talking about. I made it when I was pregnant. It was the only maternity skirt I made with a smaller width elastic. I wish I'd made them all with this elastic because it's the only one I can wear while not pregnant.

The ruffle on the original was a horribly tedious task. It took a long time and in the end didn't turn out exactly how I had envisioned. I thought it worked ok at first, but after a wash or two it just didn't lay right. Since I really liked the fabric, I figured I'd change it to what I want now. I like the new version much better. I have more of the pink fabric, so I might try and cut the ruffle and use it on a pink skirt body.

I made both of these without a pattern. I used the Sew What! Skirts book and it guided me through making my own pattern.




  1. You can see one of the cuts Dean made on the bottom right hand side of the pink.

  2. Very nice! I can't even see where the cut was.